I, Julia Jus, M.D. (M.A),  am a naturopathic doctor and health consultant. I have been guiding first class rejuvenation retreats and individualized health programs for the past 30 Years. Clients range from the chronically ill to high level business executives looking for an overhaul, burnout revitalization, weight loss, fertility boosting, digestive issues or simply a reboot or as a preventative measure.

I am a passionate gourmet raw food chef and anyone who has eaten at Rasayana Retreat in Bangkok, Thailand, which I cofounded, will attest the food is a culinary delight. As part of my holistic educational programs, I offer comprehensive detox programs, raw food cuisine courses, as well as meditative classes in Taoism and Qi Gong. 

The rejuvenation programs are designed to cleanse the body over a condensed, practical time period but with long lasting, sustainable effects. Julia serves as a guide for those looking to improve their health, as well as awareness for their mind, body and soul.

Book your personalized consultation today and find your own path to well-being!

Looking for an easy way to start feeling better? Let me be your guide - my number one priority is healing and my client's recovery and long-term health. My personalized offering will guide you both physically and emotionally: coaching, educating and helping you to implement a healthier lifestyle.

Julia Jus

How to Rejuvenate on your own at Home

I offer a program on how to rejuvenate at home on your own. This comes with personal consultations, a daily schedule plan, the Julia Jus Innergetic Health Rejuvenation Manual, all the supplements and material you need as well as suggestions about the best juicers, saunas, recipes and shopping list. Juicer and Far Infrared Sauna may also be rented.

Total Nurture Program

Book an individual customized total rejuvenation program with me as your personal guide throughout the entire rejuvenation journey. Your fast comes with extra services such as daily Chi Kung, meditation, lifestyle and dietary counseling, Far Infrared Sauna (FIR), aromatherapy and liver compresses, liver cleansing, foot detox pads and magnesium sulfate foot soaks during the main detox phase of your program.

Fasting with Raw Juices

Fasting is one of the oldest cures on the face of the earth. Many ancient civilizations have documented the healing benefits of refraining from food. Fasting has even more relevance now a days amidst the “toxic soup” we live in coming from our environment, food, and psychological states of mind.


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