Mental Balance

The mental balance* and the subconscious of the human being are complex and host all feelings and thoughts, as well as all mental characteristics and the specific personality traits of a person. The human being is a unity consisting of body, mind and soul. Thus, as psychosomatics shows, people can have physical complaints caused by mental imbalances. This influence also works in the opposite direction, so that the body, for example the intestine, has a great influence on a person‘s mental balance. If this colloquially called inner or soul life is intact, an individual is balanced and vital. Traumatic experiences are partly unconscious experiences that can reach from the past into the present. They continue to have an effect on the physical as well as the mental and spiritual level, because the trauma has not been processed, integrated or dissolved. To bioenergetically harmonize your mental balance with Healy IMF applications, we have created the following programs for you:

*If you have frequent or prolonged periods of feeling sad, overly tired, or agitated, whether or not while using Healy, discontinue use and consult a qualified medical or mental health professional.