Rejuvenation Packages

Are you sick and tired of feeling sick and tired?

«Detox» is more than a buzz word. Detox is a necessary step in obtaining and or maintaining our health in the toxic environment we live in. No matter how healthy you think you eat your body is constantly bombarded with a wide range of toxins that put stress on our liver and kidneys. Consider that a non-organic apple contains as many as 40 possibly toxic chemicals or that a new born baby already has as many as 280 chemicals in its umbilical cord.

We take regular vacations to destress and enjoy time with our loved ones. We take time to relax our mind. But how about our body? Embarking on a rejuvenation program helps you to reset your body and emotions and take conscious control of your wellbeing.


Refined over 30 years and designed for the optimal amount of time to detox and rejuvenate, the The Julia Jus classic rejuvenation program consists of three stages; 1) Pre-Cleanse; 2) Cleanse; and 3) Post-Cleanse. The Pre-Cleanse (stage 1) ideally happens in three phases, each phase lasting one week. Which phase of the Pre-Cleanse stage you begin with is determined by the health consultation before you begin. For stage 2 (the actual Cleanse) one ideally takes one week with shakes, juices and broth only. The third stage – the Post-Cleanse – (3 days) allows your body and soul to gradually going back to normal or “a more conscious and healthy normal”. 

The program is designed to integrate into your daily life and routines. Can’t take time off of work? No problem, the program can easily be integrated into your work schedule. The program can be easily shortened or lengthened and is always adjusted to your individual needs and health goals. I will gladly advise you!

Rejuvenation Program Detox Julia Jus

Package 1 - How to Rejuvenate on Your Own at Home

This package comes with a first consultation, instructions and shopping list, recipes, schedule plan, check-ins, all the supplements* you need, dry brush as well as suggestions about the best juicers and saunas. Juicer and Far Infrared Sauna may also be rented. In addition you will receive the Julia Jus Innergetic Health Rejuvenation Manual – a guide for a more healthy life and rejuvenation.

* Quantity and mixture of supplements individually adjusted to the customer’s needs

Price example for 1 person, 2.5 weeks (1 week of Pre-Cleanse), with basic supplements: CHF 815.- (price excl. VAT)

Please be aware that additional costs apply for food and will be covered by the customer. Julia recommends organic foods only in order to avoid the intake of toxins (chemical pesticides and fertilizers) during the Rejuvenation journey.

Package 2 - Total Nurture Program

Book an individual customized total rejuvenation program with me as your personal guide throughout stage 2 – The Cleanse – and check-ins in Pre- and Post-Cleanse stages. Your fast comes with daily Qi Gong, meditation, lifestyle and dietary counseling, Far Infrared Sauna (FIR), aromatherapy and liver compresses, liver cleansing, foot detox pads and magnesium sulfate foot soaks.

Price on request

Advisable Additions to Support your Basic Package

Essential Oils are used in Julia's Rejuvenation Programs
Detox with the help of enzymes

Essential Oils

Essential Oils are natural plant oils that have been extracted from fruits, flowers, leaves, stems, roots and the barks of trees. They are highly concentrated; and therefore, very powerful healing agents that help regenerate.

You may use in your program the Detox Kit from Vibrant Blue oils that contain 3 oils for the Liver, Gallbladder and Parasympathetic system to boost your detox experience.


Almost all of us are low on enzymes; which are needed to help us digest our food. It is advisable to take Digestive Enzymes whilst eating cooked food in all the food stages of the Rejuvenation program and also post cleanse. Digestive Enzymes help with the processing and breaking down our foods into particles that can be used by our cells.


Homoeopathic Drainage Remedies

In order for you to optimally detox/regenerate it is important that all your drainage pathways are open in order for you to be able to release the toxins coming out of your tissues and cells.
After determining your current state of health it might be advisable to take homoeopathic drainage remedies for your lymphatic system, liver and or kidneys.

Re-establish Mineral Reserves

Minerals are essential for cell metabolism. Unfortunately, today our soils are lacking in these essential minerals so even if you are eating lots of vegetables you can still be depleted. When your minerals are low then pH balance is not maintained and bowel function is impaired.
It is suggested that you take Inner Vitality Concentrated Fulvic/Hummic Minerals to support the alkalizing of your body.

Fasting can help improve physical and mental conditions. Fasting initiates the body`s self-healing mechanisms and when we fast, we free up significant energy to heal.

Once the initial detox symptoms (usually within the first 3 days) have passed you will feel lighter, experience mental clarity and feel more energetic. 

There are many reasons for drinking freshly pressed raw juices, let us elaborate them for you.