Taoism means the “Way of Nature and the Universe” and is a 5,000 year old Chinese philosophy that is based on experiencing the elements, the universe and our relation to this. It is a practice of body, mind and spirit. The practice of Taoism teaches one to love, heal and be kind to ourselves as we develop compassionate hearts and a wholeness of being. It teaches us how to love, heal and help others from the abundance of healing and loving energies we receive from the forces of Nature, Heaven and Earth – helping us to learn about our ORIGINAL SOURCE and to unfold that within ourselves. 

The basic foundation of the practices is learning to conserve the physical energy within our bodies so that we are not weakened in our worldly interactions. In order to achieve full spirituality we need to avoid being drained of energy through our senses: eyes, ears, nose, mouth or through excessive sex.

By integrating the fundamentals of Taoism, its basic principles and learnings, into health consulting the healing and rejuvenation process becomes more holistic and sustainable. 


The Original Qi

The study of Taoism helps us to learn how to recycle and transform energy and redirect the Qi (life-force energy) through the body’s own energy channels. Original Qi (also known as Chi) is derived from the forces of heaven and Earth, it is instilled in our bodies through the love and sexual union of our parents. During the act of love and sex, all bodily essences of man and woman condense into orgasmic Qi, which draws in and reunites the Universal, Higher Self and Earth Forces. The male (Yang) and female (Yin) energies combine with these external forces as the egg and sperm unite, establishing our Original Qi at conception. In Taoism this is known as the reunion of Heaven and Earth. The act of love and sexual union draws in so much of these powerful energies that it can create a new human life during pregnancy. Until birth the infant is continuously nourished by these forces through the umbilical cord and later after birth through breastfeeding.

Get connected with Universal Love

The Original Qi is stored within our bodies in the space between the navel, the kidneys and the sexual center, slightly above the pelvic area. This is a battery source that we use daily in our lives and it can be depleted when we are doing anything in excess. The Taoist masters always talk about guarding your senses and sexual energy. You have probably at one time seen the 3 monkeys with their hands over their ears, eyes, mouth, and sometimes a fourth monkey with hands over the sexual center. These are the places we leak out our Qi.
It recognizes our human emotions at both the lower frequencies and the higher frequencies. It is believed that our emotions reside in our organs and that we are able to transform the lower frequency emotions into positive energy. Under meditation you will learn the Inner Smile that teaches you how to transform negative energy into virtues and a rich source of energy. This helps us to open the heart center and connect us with unlimited Universal Love, improving our daily life as we become the virtues which derive from our internal organs.

Change your frequency

We have all experienced waking up in the morning and not feeling like getting out of bed, not just because we feel we have not slept enough but because we are feeling slightly depressed and just do not have the zeal to embrace the day. Then, the telephone rings and a dear friend whom you have not seen in a long time, is on the other end and lets you know they are in town for a few days and would love to see you. You make plans to meet and suddenly you are overcome with joy in anticipation of meeting your friend. The “feeling depressed“ delete button was just pushed. It is so easy to change frequency and generate positivity.

Emotions reside in our organs

Universally it is accepted that the heart feels love, joy and happiness and the flip side is arrogance, hatred, cruelty and impatience. The lungs hold courage and righteousness and also sadness and depression. In the liver we hold kindness and anger. In the spleen and pancreas there is openness and fairness, worry and anxiety. The kidneys hold gentleness and fear. Learning to consciously channel energy to these organs can help address deep emotional imbalances, as part of the holistic healing process.

Cultivating Female Sexual Energy

Taoism has many branches and once you are glowing inside with the virtues you can learn how to move Qi, with your mind, in what is known as the Microcosmic Orbit. This is a loop or energy pathway that begins and ends at the navel. Once you have learned this it is an easy step to learn about cultivating sexual energy as an essential aspect of spiritual development.

In a class, you will learn how to develop more sexual energy and to use this energy inside your body to heal, develop and access more creativity. It is not necessary to be in a partnership to learn this.