If you feel that the world is just getting more crazy and you can not seem to show up with your authentic self, then attending a ceremony can create an opportunity for great transformation. Your feelings, intuition, past traumas, anxiety, healing, sacredness, the magical and the mystical all find their truth in ritual. When one can enter a non-ordinary state of consciousness then there is a sense of the sacred and a space of deep awareness that allows for a connection to Mother Earth and the Cosmos and where unimaginable healing and transformation can happen.
Integration happens post ceremony when one can reflect on the insights and wisdom and weave them into one’s everyday life with family, friends, work and community. I am happy to guide you in the integration period.
Ideally one best prepares for such a deep healing ceremony with a diet, intention setting, as well as physical and psychological readiness.
Please contact me to learn more and for information about planned ceremonies.