Heavy Metal Removal

Heavy metal toxicity is a growing concern as a contributing factor to many known illnesses. The presence of heavy metal in our bodies promote low oxygen levels and a low body temperature which provide an environment for pathogens to survive. Heavy metals first enter our bloodstream from exposure to farmed fish, deep sea fish, food, contaminated water, dental fillings and household products.

Researchers have identified that significant exposure to at least 23 different environmental metals (heavy metals) can contribute to acute or chronic toxicity. They are called heavy because they stick around in the body, especially hanging out in fat cells (adipose tissue). They are difficult to get rid of, making them similar to fat-soluble toxins. Our body fat tries to protect the organs by trapping certain substances inside, including some unwanted metals. If you are lean the they travel to the brain which is mostly fat.

It is important that one is safely removing heavy metals from the body so that when released they are not reabsorbed. I offer a multi-month program that that can help you to remove heavy metals . Contact me to find out more.