About Julia Jus

I had the grace of being born in Wyoming, USA. A place blessed with beautiful nature which my family taught me to enjoy and appreciate.

In my early teens, I took an interest in whole natural foods and herbs and detoxing the body to reach a state of optimum health. Although I have never been challenged with my health, as I started to consult with people I soon began to realize the causation of their discomfort was often in their gut which led me more and more into food and cleansing.

My interest and eagerness to continue learning about natural healing modalities never wavered. I studied foot reflexology, kinesiology, herbology, midwifery, homeopathy, naturopathy, raw food, dark field microscopy and have been a Buddhist practitioner for 40 years. I am also a Raw Food Chef and for those that have the opportunity to taste my delicious food it is truly a culinary delight. I offer Raw Food Cuisine Courses, as well as classes in Taoism and Qi Gong.

As a Health Consultant I have been running Rejuvenation Retreats at various resorts in Thailand for 15 years and all over the world for private clients the past 10 years.

I deeply believe in the power of the human body to regenerate itself to optimum health – my programs are designed to cleanse and rejuvenate the body.

I look forward to meeting you!